See You In Hell 

Marty Fine, he could have been a doctor, a lawyer, a businessman, he chose

to become a gangster. People make money; they don’t steal it, his mother

cried, he didn’t hear her. He wanted women, cars, his pockets bulging with

money that didn’t belong to him. He was afraid that he would be killed by a

machine-gun in the army, an enemy would pull the trigger, the street had

more danger. The last voice he heard was his mother’s; he died in her arms,

another life taken before it began, Marty Fine.

Ms. Allen has written a novel that is crime fiction with a woman's touch. it is violent, suspenseful, examines three different cultures in the world of crime. Marty Fine crosses over the line leaving his family and society behind, and enters another world. His life becomes one that is governed by guns, dynamite, and people who only care about the dollar. Sylvester is surrounded by violence and anger. Al runs the organization with brains and cunning. They all must be watched; showing how they think, feel, what is inside of them. See You In Hell lets you know criminals inside as they take what they want with no more thought than drinking a cup of coffee.


Eadie Allen Author

31 Novels


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            The Last Inning                                                                                                                        




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                                                     Too Rich To Kill

Laura Benet is a hit woman. Her life begins in a small town in Michigan. She develops her cold and calculating skills at a young age. Her love for her father turns to hate as she realizes that she is a sex object to him. His fear of eternal hell stops him from bringing his desires to fulfillment. She hopes that she can kill him before he dies. While at the movies one Sunday afternoon Laura discovers her high school teacher’s other life. She stores this information, waiting for a year, then blackmails him for five thousand dollars and a ticket to Miami, Florida; a graduation gift to herself. Laura gets a job in a health club and meets Sophie who would like to dispose of her husband. Laura tells her that she can take care of the matter for twenty-five thousand dollars, needing that much to reach certain people. Brian Winters comes into the health club, meets Laura, and their relationship begins. He confides in her that his career as a professional baseball player is blocked because of the rotten manager. She gives him the gift of getting rid of this obstacle, without his knowledge. She does it for the thrill of the kill. With two murders behind her in Miami, Laura leaves for Atlantic City, New Jersey. She meets Joyce who gets her a job at one of the casinos. Arnie, a gambler with bad luck and skills needs her services. She kills for money and friendship for him. She uses clever disguises and picks her locations carefully. The last murder that Laura commits is the one that will end her life. She kills a young society woman in New York, bringing the woman’s wealthy and determined father into the crime. He hires a private detective who finally captures Laura in a seedy apartment in Atlantic City. This is the one time that her exceptional beauty and charms cannot save her. She dies as she lived, on her own terms.


When Alicia Monroe is orphaned at seventeen, she leaves the safety of

suburban Connecticut, for the unknown of the slums in New York City.

Everything that is rightfully hers is taken away one fateful night, and she is

left to put her life back together, alone and terrified. Her relatives want

nothing to do with her, as the contempt that they felt for her deceased

parents, is willed to their only child. Once Alicia establishes herself in the

little room that is to become her boundaries for the next three years, she

uncovers the supernatural world of a psychic. Astrology, Tarot cards,

predictions by the numbers on the dice, tea leaves, and contacting the dead

are used, as a psychic’s work is examined. Conversations with clients over

the phone explore why people are drawn to those whom they feel have the

gift to see into the future, tell them about their past, and help with the


Sarena teaches her how to live the life of a gypsy, and Alicia goes back and

forth between the two cultures, the one that she was born to, and the one that

she will remain in. The handsome Darius shows her love, until they are

separated. For every lesson that Alicia learns, something of value is taken

away. The struggle for survival pulls at Alicia, as she fights each day as if it

is her enemy.

People come and go, all wanting the help and predictions of the psychic. The

last client, Alicia speaks to, turns the table on her, as he changes her destiny.

                                                      Live Another Day

Cindy O’Brien Richards the third. She was a society wife now. Her husband Jared never let her forget about her humble Irish origins. Sometimes he called her Lucinda. He knew she didn’t like that name. It was stiff and formal. She was young and playful. She used to be that way, now she was fearful and cried more than she laughed. She had wanted a baby with Jared. She realized what a mistake that would be, it would tie her to him tighter than she was now. Abortion, how could she have a doctor perform one on her? She was Catholic, the church forbid it. God said it was wrong, her parents, the priest. She would be punished, more than Jared did with his abusive words. She couldn’t wait nine months, then leave her husband. She had to do it now, while she didn’t think of the baby she wanted and prayed for as anything more than a seed. She had to leave this man who had promised to love her, honor his vows, treat her with dignity and respect. She had to forget the life she knew with him. She wanted to live another day.

                                             A Funeral On Friday

For those who want to live, until they die

Lenny Rossiter is a nothing guy. Not much goes on in his life, not much

happens, today, this morning, in the afternoon, he has no hopes for

tomorrow. Yesterday it was the same, and he wants to make Christmas, his

birthday, special. The beginning of the weekend, Friday, that should mean

something. It does to most people. The television tells him, shows him,

points out what it takes to be happy. He watches other people doing all those

things, wonders how he could have them, and plans to make them happen.

He crushes another beer can with his hand, under the glow of the thirteen

inch television.

Millie Smith, she wants to be a part of it, life, holding a handsome man,

instead of facing another lonely night. She pours herself a glass of tea, holds

the cup the way she has seen society women do it in the movies. The

television stares back at her, the people in the picture, dancing and laughing

on the twenty five inch screen. She reaches out to them, and the nasal voice

of a man assaults her ears. He sounds desperate as he demands that she try

his product, he highly recommends it. She feels his desperation, as she sits

alone, clutching her cup of tea, until the handle comes off the cup, and the

liquid burns her hand. Tomorrow is Friday, a new day.

                                      Midnight Train

The wind, the snow, the rain

Standing in it,

Waiting for the midnight train

The train comes out of nowhere, a shadowy form catches the last car, almost

landing on top of another shadow that is hiding in the darkness. A soft grunt

can be heard as they roll away from each other in the straw. A third shadow

asks the newcomer for a cigarette, part of a cigar, some shreds of tobacco.

He shakes his head that he has nothing for the man, if he did he wouldn’t

give it to him. Three shadows come at the man, wanting to see for

themselves what he has, and if it is worth taking. They trade punches, curse

at each other, as the train cuts a path toward its destination. The hot August

night turns the air to steam as the men gasp for it, watching for the man with

the flashlight. He will throw them out of the boxcar as if they are broken

twigs needing to be swept away with the garbage littering the ground. The

train rumbles on through the night. The men will scatter once the light from

the sun appears. They are no longer shadows, they have to wait for another midnight train.

                               The Last Inning

The Last Inning, is about a baseball player, who is trying to save his

crumbling career. His biggest fear is that he’ll end up selling cars and

wearing a suit and tie, six days a week. He becomes surly and difficult

with those around him and tries to hide his feelings from his wife,

which is his worst mistake. She is the one person who could share what

is happening to him, as she knows him best, after 18 years of marriage.

Old-fashioned ideas of men and women keep Tom Miller from doing

what he needs to and saving what he can, accepting what can’t be

salvaged and being mature enough to know the difference.

The story uses baseball as a background and plays an important part,

but the characters are the most essential elements. It is one man’s

journey through his life. Flashbacks tell who Tom Miller is, was, and is

becoming, as time won’t stand still for him, as he wishes that it would.

There are many surprises for Tom, such as Michelle who wants to

blackmail him, J. Pollidor, Esq., who wants to exploit him, his

treacherous neighbor, Steve Townsend, who poses as a mild mannered

accountant, while in reality is a backstabbing, envious, little man. Tom

has to learn what’s worth fighting for and what isn’t, before he

destroys himself.




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